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Backstage at the Customer Experience: Kathleen Peterson

March 24, 2015

speaker-kathleen-petersonIf you are located in the greater Baltimore or Kansas City areas, be sure to sign up for our seminar featuring Kathleen Peterson.
Kathleen Peterson of PowerHouse Consulting is well known for her regular ‘rants and raves‘ concerning the contact center. She is also an acclaimed contact center consultant and recognized industry visionary.

Go Backstage

Kathleen recently published the new book “Backstage at the Customer Experience”, now available online. Here is a quick thumbnail of how she describes backstage at the customer experience.

backstageThe Customer Experience is among the top business strategies in today’s competitive marketplace. That experience has many of the same components found in theatre; we want our staff who interact with our customers to “perform” in a way that attracts and retains customers. This is not a new or novel perspective; Shakespeare wrote over 400 years ago in As You Like It – “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” For those in the Customer Experience business these words ring true.

We must ask ourselves however what it takes to achieve a performance meaningful enough to our customers (audience) to make them want to return and recommend us based on their experience. The experience is the stage, but let’s face it, as with so many things it is what takes place behind the scenes – backstage that ultimately determines the winning performance. So while the front line – those on the main stage have an enormous impact on the performance outcome – they are only able to perform as well as they are managed.

This session is designed to inspire the on stage and backstage players to act in the interest of the Customer Experience. To look for new ways to view the often demanding tasks associated with putting on the show every day, to take a new tack on an old task and produce different and better outcomes. To take the show on the road -that is the road to the executive level where alignment must be reached in order to deliver on the Customer Experience strategy.

Rethinking Customer Experience

Kathleen will be headlining a midday seminar series hosted by Altivon and featuring lively discussion of customer effort, customer experience and contact center case studies.

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