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Behavioral Routing Insights

July 14, 2014

Predictive Behavioral RoutingLast week Altivon held a free webinar in conjunction with Mattersight. The webinar featured the concept of behavioral routing and how it can improve both contact center operations and customer experience.

Bill Leasure, Altivon Vice President of Consulting, kicked off the webinar with a quick overview of our philosophy of evolving the contact center. With over 20 years of experience, we know that contact centers need to constantly evaluate new technology and processes to meet changing market demands. Our team of consultants help customers stay current.

As part of that strategy of evolution, Altivon looks for key technology solutions that extend the capabilities of the contact center platform. Altivon has reviewed and partnered with a handful of technology providers including: multi-media initiated call backs (Virtual Hold Technology), video conferencing (Vidyo) and predictive behavioral routing (Mattersight).

Mattersight caught our attention when we saw how their technology can match caller style with the agent best suited to that communication style. Even better, the technology can deliver both better customer experience and a solid ROI through cost savings or increased revenue.

David Gustafson of Mattersight provided an overview of the technology and gave specific examples of improvements achieved by a variety of users. These improvements included:

  • 17% decrease in operation costs
  • 11% decrease in disconnect rate
  • 14% increase in sales rate
  • 6% increase in collection rate

Another example pertained to a real-life agent named Pat who had a 13% average sales rate. Analysis showed that his rate varied by caller personality, with his best success coming from callers identified as oriented to “Emotions”. Pat can be more effective with no additional training, simply by receiving calls that are best suited to him. Callers will have a better experience and Pat will close more business.

By matching your agents with the callers they are best suited to handle, you can optimize your contact center results. Pat and his-coworkers could more than double their center’s success rate if they were always matched optimally.

Interestingly, even if an unknown caller says nothing before being routed, the call can still be improved. This is done by routing the call to the agent best able to handle any style. Mattersight has analyzed billions of phone calls in the process of evolving their technology. The combination of a solid ROI, better customer experience and simple implementation makes this a technology contact centers should evaluate.

Watch the recorded webinar now.