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Contact Center Visionary Innovation Leadership Award

April 5, 2016

Frost & Sullivan recently announced that Interactive Intelligence has received its prestigious award for Cloud Contact Centers. According to Frost & Sullivan, “Interactive Intelligence has produced a winner with the strategy behind the design of PureCloud. Its rapid scalability, flexibility, ease of use, and affordability address key needs in the market. With its strong overall performance and potential to increase its market presence with PureCloud, Interactive Intelligence has earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2016 Visionary Innovation Leadership Award for Cloud Contact Centers.”

Frost & Sullivan sets the bar high in their definition of what a visionary innovation leader should be:

  • In tune with market trends and demands
  • Grounded in what is possible
  • Willing to take risks

Interactive Intelligence won this award in part for their ability to support continuously evolving customer service needs. We are particularly pleased that Frost & Sullivan value the ability to ‘evolve’ – a central tenet of our mission. We believe that contact center solutions must enhance contact center effectiveness, elevate customer experience and evolve to meet customer interaction requirements.

Innovation is not a new development at Interactive Intelligence. The company has rich history of producing quality products that meet market demand in new and more efficient ways. PureCloud continues that tradition by retooling the platform to take advantage of the cloud environment while ensuring continuity for the contact center.

CIC users have the option to take advantage of some or all that PureCloud has to offer. Check in with us if you are interested in learning more about PureCloud and how it could be the next evolution for your contact center.