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Digital Transformation, Healthcare and the Contact Center

September 28, 2017

Re-Tool the Contact Center for Better Patient Experience

Yesterday Altivon sponsored the first in a series of healthcare related webinars focused on patient experience and the contact center. The webinar, titled “Re-Tool the Contact Center for Better Patient Experience”, presented an overview of issues facing the industry and its customers, as well as new technologies and best practices that can help address these issues.

Leading off the program was Altivon’s own Frank Tersigni, Chief Customer Officer. He then introduced our keynote for the Webinar, Subject Matter Expert Steve Leaden, President of Leaden Associates, an independent Communications and IT consulting firm. Leaden has both wide and deep experience, working with mid-size to large enterprise customers in several industries, not least of which is healthcare. Leaden sprinkled his presentation with customer success stories, helping to illustrate both the challenges and benefits that come with deploying technology.

A few program highlights

  • Generation C (connected). Tersigni highlighted the degree to which customer expectations are changing. Only a few years ago, the discussion centered on how to satisfy Millennials who seemed to have ‘different’ expectations. Now it has become apparent that Millennials aren’t that different at all. Instead, virtually everyone has joined Generation C (connected) and now expects choice in channels, speed in service and a great customer experience in every interaction—even healthcare situations.
  • External Drivers. Leaden made a convincing argument that while there are some forces we can control, there are other external forces that must be acknowledged. In healthcare these include the wide swath of regulations, Telehealth incentives, HCAP scores and HIPAA compliance. Ignore the implication to your operations at your own peril.
  • Growth Patterns. The increase in mergers as a growth strategy has left many organizations with multiple communication and contact center operations that present a management challenge…and an opportunity for greater efficiency and better patient experience.
  • Contact Center Optimization. Leaden presented contact center optimization in three phases—the latest of which began in 2006. His observation from 30 years of experience is that it takes about 10 years for the technology to go mainstream. In short—the time is now to adopt speech analytics, multi-channel support, proactive notifications, EMR integration and other tried-and-true optimizations.
  • The Evidence is There. The webinar included 3 polls. The first measured the criticality of patient experience—100% of attendees voted it either essential or extremely important. The second measured the number of channels supported today—40% offer 3 or more. The final poll showed this number moving to 100% in the next 12-24 months.
  • Lifelong Customer is No More. Competition exists. If patients do not receive the experience they expect, then they will shop around. The paradigm of the lifelong customer is no longer valid…even in healthcare.

There is a great deal of content in the slides and audio for this webinar. We encourage you to take the time to watch it, and plan to attend part 2 and 3.

Watch the Recording Now: “Re-Tool the Contact Center for Better Patient Experience”.