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The Integrated Mobile Customer Experience Vision for the Contact Center

February 12, 2014

There is a lot of talk about how contact centers need to cater to mobile customers. Chances are your customers are increasingly mobile in their communications and content consumptions. There is no question that the world is moving to smartphones. But what does that mean for the contact center?

Here are some points to consider as you envision your mobile contact center.

  • The rise of self service. Make it easy for mobile customers to seek and find answers, whether they are comparison shopping, showrooming or looking for help with something they have already bought. People want to help themselves. If they can easily find an answer online (from you or elsewhere), they will. Smartphones are empowering—take advantage of that.
  • Transition to assisted service. Improve the customer experience by providing a seamless transition from self-service to assisted service. If customers cannot find what they need by themselves, connect them to the contact center. Capture the information they have shared along the way and give it to the agent. Your customer will appreciate it.
  • Continuing context. Well-designed mobile solutions provide menus that lead to the right information and an agent if intervention is required. Customers continue the interaction instead of starting over.
  • One-time authentication. Mobile solutions can capture account information and user authentication details. This can save 30-45 seconds in handle time for each call and provide a dramatic cost savings for the contact center.
  • Pre-call routing. If a mobile customer requests a callback from the contact center, preview the request. The initial agent (or the system itself) can determine if the call should be handled by another agent. You can reduce your call transfer volume and improve customer experience with this efficient process.
  • Feedback participation. If you make it easy, you will get a higher feedback rate. Mobile solutions can present a simple onscreen survey following the interaction.
  • Business cases matter. Remember to include both hard and soft dollar savings in your business case for mobility. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to save money and improve revenue.

The first step in going mobile is defining your vision. For more detail, read our white paper, “Integrated Mobile Customer Experience (IMCx) Vision (Part 1)”.

Next up is building the plan and then finally putting the plan in motion. These topics will be covered in the next posts (and white papers) in this series.