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Interaction Analyzer

Improve the experience via real-time speech analytics

As customers interact with the contact center, their experiences are reflected in the words and phrases that they use. Sometimes agents and supervisors need help in recognizing these cues and reacting in a positive and effective manner. Interaction Analyzer provides this assistance through intelligent real time speech analytics.

Interaction Analyzer is within the reach of any contact center or enterprise. This cost-effective application is part of the Customer Interaction Center™ (CIC) all-in-one suite of products. Interaction Analyzer goes beyond simply recognizing a spoken word or phrase and alerting a supervisor.

During a live call, as Interaction Analyzer spots keywords and phrases, it continually updates a set of scores. Both the agent and customer have a cumulative score assigned to them that can be seen in Interaction Supervisor®. This score is calculated based on the keywords and phrases the agent and customer have spoken and on the scores (positive or negative) assigned to them when the keyword lists were created.

Supervisors can then make better informed decisions on which calls might need assistance by using Interaction Analyzer scores with other data available about the interaction.

An example

Customer call:
Customer Score (-15)
Agent Score (+10)
Agent (Mark)
Customer (Acme, Inc.)
Supervisor action:
Acme is one of our larger accounts and they don’t seem to be happy, but Mark is my top agent and is saying the right things. I’ll just listen in on this interaction to see how it’s going.


When supervisors aren’t actively monitoring queues, they can set alerts to watch for certain scores and send notifications that a current call has passed an acceptable threshold. Or leave the supervisor out of it, and use CIC’s desktop API to have the system automatically provide the agent with assistance to handle the call.

A unique solution for speech analytics

  • Overcome the high cost of standalone speech analytics solutions by adding Interaction Analyzer licenses to your CIC all-in-one platform
  • Highlight interactions and agents that need attention in real-time, limit negative impact on customer service, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the contact center supervisory role
  • Identify trends by using speech analytics data stored with recorded calls to assist with agent or process improvements