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Interaction Content Manager

Combine and manage shared information

Easily store, organize, and secure information shared throughout the contact center and enterprise. Manage everything from scanned images to documents, spreadsheets, photos, videos and call recordings.

Flexible and instant access

Provide users with immediate access to folders and information whether they are in the office or in the field. With our web-based interface, access can be expanded outside your organization to include secured viewing for third parties and customers.

Simplified integration

Ensure ease of integration with legacy and line-of-business systems with available web services and public API.

Improved control and visibility

Enhance administrative control with complete audit tracking and the flexibility to delegate certain administrative functions to the business when appropriate.

Consolidated content and communications

Go paperless while consolidating all content related to a customer. Include important documentation, chat transcripts, call recordings, and other pieces of content to provide users with a complete look at a customer file and interaction history.

Extended business processes

Initiate a process based on the receipt of a document, route and assign content for approval, or simply provide links to easily access related files. With the combination of our content management and business process automation tools, content and workflows are efficiently and effectively integrated.

With consolidated communications, content, and processes, you have the highest level of insight into every aspect of your business and your customer’s experience.