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Interaction Feedback

Manage customer feedback in one intelligent application

When an automated, post-call survey is structured and managed effectively, it can help reduce customer attrition, build the brand, and improve profitability.

Interaction Feedback lets you create and manage automated post-call surveys that better quantify customer perceptions. You can then pinpoint key areas for improvement by comparing survey results with operational contact center data.

Part of an all-in-one solution

Interaction Feedback is built into the Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center™ (CIC) platform and application suite, requiring no third-party integration. Simply activate the Interaction Feedback application for everything you need to create and manage post-call surveys successfully.

Cloud-based or on-premise

Your CIC implementation can be a complete on-premise solution, a cloud-based solution, or a managed service. You can even migrate your cloud-based solution to your own site at any time, seamlessly, without incurring downtime or losing applications.