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Interaction Mobilizer

Create a better mobile customer experience

Deploying a mobile app for your customers does not have to be a painful experience, with complex development environments and high costs. Interaction Mobilizer provides a simple and cost effective path to connecting your customer service department to your mobile users.

With Interaction Mobilizer™, you have all you need to write your apps and connect your customers to your contact center. This is done through an elegant, innovative architecture that focuses on rapid mobile application development and deployment, while ensuring a tight link with back-end corporate systems and your contact center running Customer Interaction Center™ (CIC).

Intelligently link mobile customers to the contact center

With Interaction Mobilizer when a mobile user needs assistance, a call-back request can be sent into the contact center along with the context of what was occurring on the device, so the customer service agent has exactly what they need to help the customer.

Interaction Mobilizer™ works by:

  • Linking the mobile customer to the contact center by supplying contextual information to the agent.
  • Enabling organizations to publish mobile applications and automatically keep them up-to-date without republishing.
  • Giving organizations a single development and deployment infrastructure for both mobile and traditional forms of customer service.