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Interaction Process Automation

Streamline processes for a better customer experience

Contact center agents rely on back-office processes to provide fast, complete information to customers. Interaction Process Automation (IPA) ensures that those processes are efficient and effective.

IPA streamlines even the most complex processes with Communications-Based Process Automation — an approach that leverages proven communications technologies and best practices from the contact center environment. By keeping track of work, progress, people, skills, qualifications, availability, and resources, IPA optimizes processes by automatically prioritizing and routing work to the best qualified and available worker for timely completion, regardless of the person’s location.

Visual and simple

IPA uses a simple process-flow definition and graphical interface to enable quicker design, deployment, and modification when automating a process. It requires no complicated programming languages or expensive programmers, and no long development cycles.

IPA reduces the overall time and costs to deploy automated processes in four straightforward steps.

  • Visually define the data
  • In the same graphical environment, design and define the work items
  • Lay out process flow, define who will receive work
  • Deploy processes to users

Connected and intelligent

The IPA solution integrates internal and external communications throughout any process as it captures, prioritizes, routes, escalates, and tracks work — for employees as well as customers, vendors and partners. IPA also connects to your enterprise applications to extend process automation to CRM packages, financial management software, and various database sources and applications.

Reports, alerts and visibility to keep work moving

IPA provides real-time visibility into process and work activity through historical reports and real-time alerts, keeping all parties informed about exceptions and redistributing resources whenever needed to meet required service levels.