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Interaction Recorder

Perform multichannel recording and quality evaluation

Recording interactions is essential to optimizing customer care, agent performance, and regulatory compliance. Call recording is a cornerstone of the call center.

Interaction Recorder simplifies quality assurance processes with out-of-the-box reports that facilitate measurement of individual and team results.

Interaction Recorder is a complete solution for recording and quality measurement, enabling you to:

  • Improve customer care practices and workforce performance
  • Emphasize interaction best practices, and establish benchmarks to improve agent skill sets by interaction type
  • Quickly verify sales orders, resolve disputes
  • Protect against potential regulatory fines and legal costs
  • Extend value beyond live interactions
  • Empower business users to manage the quality assurance process independently – with greater agility and minimal impact on IT
  • Know your customer information and recordings are protected and secure

Part of an all-in-one solution

Interaction Recorder is built into the Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center™ (CIC) platform and application suite, requiring no third-party integration. The single administration interface in CIC makes it easy to configure Interaction Recorder settings and users – eliminating the dual administration issues of many proprietary recording systems.

Cloud-based or on-premise

Your CIC implementation can be a complete on-premise solution, a cloud-based solution, or a managed service. You can even migrate your cloud-based solution to your own site at any time, seamlessly, without incurring downtime or losing your applications.