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More effective and effortless conversations


Mattersight’s mission is to help brands have more effective and effortless conversations with their customers. Using a suite of innovative personality-based software applications, Mattersight can analyze and predict customer behavior based on the language exchanged during service and sales interactions. This insight can then facilitate real-time connections between customers and the agents best capable of handling their needs.

Mattersight’s patented stack of SaaS applications has influenced hundreds of millions of shorter, more satisfying customer interactions. Organizations across the Financial Services, Healthcare, and Telco industries rely on Mattersight to drive customer retention, employee engagement, and operating efficiency.

Predictive behavioral routing

Altivon teams with Mattersight to deliver a new level of call routing that improves the experience for both customer and agent. By making a best-match between agent and caller, we are able to improve both efficiency and experience. Altivon experts will work with you to integrate this key technology into your contact center.

Mattersight Predictive Behavioral Routing matches customer calls with the best available contact center agent based on communication preferences, personality, and other behavioral characteristics. You can route callers more effectively based on the caller’s behavior, with the end goal of giving the caller a positive and more effective customer experience.

Improving contact center performance

Mattersight Predictive Behavioral Routing predicts which agent is best-suited to handle a caller based on individual customer behavioral data and agent performance data. Mattersight’s analytics are based on millions of proprietary algorithms and the application of unique behavioral models.

When businesses utilize behavioral pairing, they drive additional sales, reduce attrition, and decrease costs. Behavioral routing creates an opportunity to deliver better experiences for both customers and agents.