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Virtual Hold Technology

Callback technology for improved customer experience

Virtual Hold Technology

Virtual Hold Technology delivers solutions at the heart of the customer experience, enabling contact centers to maximize the opportunities that come from customer interaction, regardless of channel. VHT’s intelligent callback solutions prepare businesses for next-generation customer interaction channels like social media, mobile apps, and Web-connected interactive video and smart TV.

VHT Conversation Bridge™ from Virtual Hold Technology provides callback with context so that all customer information is brought along for the ride and integrated with your communications infrastructure. Each call is properly routed to a skilled representative who knows exactly who you are and how you need help.

Contact center callbacks and virtual hold

Whether customers reach out using the phone or multi-channel self-service applications, they expect convenient, consistent service experiences. VHT technology lets callers hang up, save their place in a virtual queue, and automatically receive a callback at a time promised.

Bridging from self-service to assisted-service

VHT Conversation Bridge™ integrates non-voice interactions with existing intelligent call routing, VoIP and CTI systems so customers who start an interaction online can quickly and easily schedule a callback from an agent who will know the context of why they are calling.

Customers who pick up the phone after attempting self-service, Conversation Bridge transfers data from Web pages and mobile apps to the agent answering the call. This helps agents solve problems faster while providing a better customer experience.

Virtual Hold Technology integration

Altivon has developed a special adapter to connect Conversation Bridge to its contact center solutions. This special integration:

  • Improves customer service by surprising and delighting customers
  • Reduces average handle time by saving seconds from every call
  • Improves first call resolution by avoiding abandons in queue
  • Increases efficiency by balancing productivity of your resources with caller demand

With the virtual hold adapter, web pages and mobile apps integrate with intelligent call routing, VoIP and CTI. Customers who start an interaction online can get a quick and easy callback without having to place a call. Expected callback times are calculated and shared. When the customer reaches the top of the queue, a call center callback is triggered. When the customer is on the line, the call is transferred directly to an agent.