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Add-on Applications

Enhancing the CIC platform

Altivon-developed applications help customers better utilize the Customer Interaction Center™ (CIC) for disaster recovery, backups and callback automation. The applications are built to deploy quickly and effectively within a CIC environment.

IC Backup

Contact center data is essential to the enterprise and to lose any of it would be disastrous. Altivon has developed a site-specific, automated backup solution that ensures all critical data within a CIC server is gathered, stored, and readily available. Running on a specified schedule, this backup solution gives contact center managers peace of mind that their CIC server can be quickly and easily restored. IC Backup is designed to complement a normal, locally managed, backup schedule.

DR Sync

This application enables automated synchronization between two live CIC systems, assumed to be production (PRD) and disaster recovery (DR) systems, using Interaction Migrator command line options. The initiation of this application is controlled through Windows Task Scheduler and may be scheduled at any desired interval. See specific DR Sync datasheet for details on requirements, installation, configuration, and change log.

Callback Applications

Callbacks are becoming more and more popular as they help reduce telephony charges and mitigate customer frustrations of waiting on hold. Altivon has developed three applications specific to the callback functions within the CIC.

  • Callback Pre-Alert to Phone

    • In an effort to ease callback audible alert issues where there is no PC audio available, this application will send the audio from a specified .WAV file to the phone (station) when the agent is logged in. This audio will played as a station audio interaction immediately prior to the callback actually alerting the agent’s desktop, assuring the agent is ready and expecting the callback interaction. The .WAV file that is played can be specified in a server parameter. It is recommended that it be quite short but unique enough to assure the agent recognizes it appropriately.
  • Auto-Disconnect Callback Objects (Real-Time and Daily)

    • This app addresses the situation where an agent forgets to disconnect the callback object, which keeps them in an ‘on ACD interaction’ state and not available for other ACD interactions. These applications will automatically disconnect the ACD callback object either when the actual callback to the original caller disconnects (real-time) or remove any ACD callback objects once the agent has completed their work for the day.
  • Auto-Answer Callback Objects

    • This application will allow auto-answer to be only assigned to ACD assigned callback objects. This should streamline ACD assigned callback assignment and pickup for agents, while allowing auto-answer to not be enabled for all ACD interactions.