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Centralized Reporting

Manage efficient operations through effective reporting

Define, design and deploy key reports to best manage operations and deliver great customer experience.

Traditional call center reports focused on phone system metrics such as:

  • Call load
  • Calls handled
  • Abandons
  • Talk time and handle time
  • Average time to answer
  • Trunk usage

These metrics still have their place but on their own they do not provide a complete picture of the operation or affect on customer service. Today’s contact center must analyze and report on metrics that support the core business strategy. The metrics must be relevant and available across all contact center technology.

Several challenges exist with reporting:

  • Collecting comparable metrics across various systems
  • Discerning the connection between different data sets
  • Timely access to data
  • Selecting the key metrics that support business strategy

Altivon assists clients in defining the reports required by the organization and the correlation to contact center applications. We have the experience to create insightful reports to measure and improve operations and customer experience. We can target reports for multiple classes of users including agents, supervisors and executives.

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