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IVR, Routing and Queuing

Optimize customer experience through sophisticated call handling

Shorten the customer journey by providing easy navigation, effective queuing and advanced routing.

How well you handle incoming interactions is a significant factor in customer experience. It also has a big impact on operations efficiency. Fundamentally, technology must be in place to handle the load and properly distribute the interactions. There are many options available to you, and the experts at Altivon can help select and implement the technology best suited to your needs.

Our experts can help with key decisions like:

  • How to balance service level and occupancy
  • Best size for agent pools
  • Whether skill-based routing is effective
  • If behavioral routing has value to your organization
  • How to use IVR effectively for caller identification and call purpse

Altivon has the experience and technical knowledge to assist you in creating the best customer experience.

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