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Self-Service Automation

Help your customers help themselves

Make it easy for your customers to solve their own problems and they will.

Customers want choice. They want to choose how to interact with you—through voice, chat, email, video or whatever comes along next. They often would prefer to not interact at all. Given the opportunity, they would rather solve their problem without you.

The challenge, then, for the contact center is to provide tools for self-service that are both easy enough and comprehensive enough to answer at least the common questions that arise. Track the customer journey and your agents will be able to pick up where self-service left off if the customer requires additional assistance.

IVR systems and web sites are the typical technologies deployed for self-service. IVR can be used to complete transactions, obtain account information and to navigate to the right agent for the problem at hand. If an agent is required, the information gathered by interactive IVR should be readily available through CTI. Personalization in IVR and web content is a powerful way to improve the experience for the user and increase the odds that self-service is sufficient. In IVR, the menus become customized to the caller. On the web, the customer gains access to ‘my website’, with details specific to them.

Implementing effective self-service systems can be daunting. Altivon has a proven methodology for developing ‘call trees’ and determining integration points for key systems. Our client services team has deep experience in assisting customers in defining and building their self-service applications, using leading technologies and following best practices.

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