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Workforce Management

Match staffing to demand for optimal operations and experience

Manage your contact center team for greatest efficiency. They are your biggest expense and a big driver of customer experience.

Workforce management tools provide an automated means of forecasting and scheduling for your contact center operations. These tasks are difficult to perform manually with even a small team. They are virtually impossible to do manually for contact center operations of any size.

Different contact center solutions have different management needs and goals. Altivon experts can advise on various strategies and implement the best solution for your environment. Our solutions help you:

  • Forecast staffing needs
  • Account for shrinkage
  • Create rosters and schedules
  • Generate reports
  • Plan longer term staffing development
  • Identify timing for staff increases

Altivon can design solutions that span locations, deliver local schedules and reports, and work in multi-skill environments. We can help determine the best scheduling approach for multi-media or omni-channel interaction management.

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