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TCPA Compliance Series Part 2

The FCC recently approved expansive and far reaching TCPA changes. Are you compliant? If you are not sure, plan to attend our webinar series featuring TCPA expert Abdo Rabadi. In these session, we will discuss TCPA and how it applies to the contact center from a layman’s perspective. We will illustrate and discuss ‘Dos and Don’ts’ and ‘Never Dos’. Learn how to keep your KPIs within reach while keeping your organization out of court. Join us and answer the dreaded question ‘Are we TCPA compliant?’ with confidence.

Part 2: Dealing with BPOs, Litigation & the Future

  • Brief Recap of Part 1
  • Dealing with BPOs
  • Tips to avoid litigation
  • What the future holds

Featured Speaker Abdo Rabadi

Abdo Rabadi is an accomplished trends watcher and business analyst. Absorbed with understanding change, whether in society, business, technology or politics and the implications of change, is what brought Abdo to trends analysis. Through his professional and educational experiences, he has gained legal, technical and social knowledge that makes his interpretation of trends invaluable.

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