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ROI for Patient Experience Focus in the Contact Center

January 11, 2018

Healthcare organizations are embracing patient experience as a critical success factor in both financial and patient outcomes. Altivon and Genesys recently sponsored a webinar series on this topic, culminating with a deep dive into return on investment (ROI) including specific case study results.

The payback for investment in contact center solutions in healthcare is compelling: lower operational costs, lower appointment cancellations, higher scheduling rates and higher patient experience scores. Industry expert and long-time independent consultant Steve Leaden discussed contact center ROI analysis, technology choices and best practices. While the conversation is tailored to the healthcare community, much of the content is applicable to other industries and organizations looking to quantify the ROI achievable through improved customer experience and contact center operations.

Contact Center ROI Examples

The scheduling department in a Mid-West Medical Center achieved these improvements:

  • Abandon rate dropped 28%
  • Error scheduling rate dropped to less than 1%
  • Physician utilization of scheduling templates increased 3%
  • Appointment convenience increased 3%
  • Physician visits rose 12%
  • On a 6-point scale, average patient satisfaction at the end of a call is 5.7

The radiology department in a major medical center in the Northeast achieved:The radiology department in a major medical center in the Northeast achieved:

  • Abandon rate dropped from 80% to 3-5%
  • Average speed of answer went from 15 minutes to 30 seconds
  • Customer complaints dropped from 7-10 per day to 0-2 per month

A University Medical Center recognized the need for change and transformed their operations:

  • Centralized almost 500 agents in 12 major areas including scheduling and billing
  • Integrated their EPIC system with new IVR
  • Provided agents with EPIC data through a window pop during customer interaction
  • Appointed a Chief Patient Experience Officer

ROI Metrics and Optimization

Leaden emphasizes the importance of performance metrics and devotes many slides to specific recommendations. On the heels of this, he identifies specific opportunities for improvement through centralizing contact center functions. Some areas include billing, appointments, operators, clinic patient access, telehealth and the help desk. Each of these areas presents an opportunity for enhanced patient experience (PX), increased revenue and reduced expenses.

Patient loss avoidance is a significant metric for healthcare organizations. Long call wait times lead to abandoned calls, some of which are never placed again. It is fairly straightforward to calculate the value of a patient and thereby the monthly revenue loss associated with abandoned calls. Shortening wait times, supporting callbacks and placing appointment reminders can dramatically reduce the patient loss.

Leaden goes on to discuss both technical and financial details. The volume of information is almost overwhelming, making the viewer appreciate the pause function available through on-demand playback!

Contact Center Healthcare Webinars On Demand

All three parts of the healthcare contact center webinar series are available for replay:

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