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Self-Service Success: Convenient, Fast, Friction-less

August 29, 2016


Friction-less Self Service is a Win-Win.

Self-service as an option is a win-win proposition for customers and contact centers alike. Customers feel more in control and contact centers are more efficient. In fact, the pendulum has swung from self-service as a tool to increase call deflection and reduce costs to self-service as an option that is actually preferred by customers and when done well increases loyalty. As long as there is a safety net for interactions that require assistance, everyone wins— self-service success.

Self-Service Study Results

This proposition is backed up by numerous studies:

  • Use of web site help or FAQ increased from 67% to 81% from 2012 to 2015
  • 70% of consumers expect a self-service option for questions and complaints
  • 48% of people surveyed prefer self-service after a sale

To optimize success of your self-service options, make sure they are convenient and fast. By their very nature, they are already low friction.

Six tips for Self-Service Success

Here are 6 tips for self-service success:

  1. Strive to provide accurate, relevant and complete answers during first self-service contact.
  2. Make web/mobile self-service easy to find and use. Whenever possible, contextualize.
  3. Invest in content. Link communities and forums. Make content consistent across channels and easily available to agents.
  4. Answer social media swiftly. 55% of social users want an answer in less than 4 hours.
  5. Use voice as an escalation channel. You will not be able to eliminate voice and email interactions—these form the safety net that makes customers comfortable flying solo. Expect voice calls to be fewer in number but longer in duration and potentially more difficult to resolve. Agents may require more training and experience. Voice calls become an opportunity to build loyalty.
  6. Connect self-service to assisted service. Don’t just provide a phone number. Give the agent background and context so that the customer continues their journey rather than back tracking.

For more on self-service, read “Self-Service Automation”.