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Cloud-Based Contact Center

Options for cloud contact center deployment

Technology offers choice. On-premise contact centers offer greatest control. Cloud-based centers reduce local IT resource requirements and offer flexible licensing. Managed solutions reduce administrative overhead.

Cloud service deployment flexibility

Altivon contact center solutions can be deployed as on-premise, cloud or managed solutions. All three offer the same core contact center functionality, simply deployed differently. You can even choose one deployment method initially and convert later.

  • On-Premise. This classic deployment method puts all the technology in your physical location. You control and administer everything.
  • Cloud. A popular choice for many consumer applications, this method using cloud technology can be right for those who want to add and remove licenses as demand requires. The physical infrastructure is managed outside your company. You still administer the software.
  • Managed service. With this private cloud method, Altivon performs all software administration including soft updates and configuration changes. This can be attractive to companies that want to reduce costs associated with training and ongoing costs for internal administration.

How you deploy is up to you.

Complete business solutions

We can help you decide which deployment method is right for you. We begin every solution design with a discovery process that helps clarify your requirements, objectives and current limitations. This process involves discussions between our consultants and a variety of your personnel, from agents and contact center managers to IT, senior management and potentially representatives from other groups such as marketing. We share best practices as we discuss how you want to move into the future. A key element of this process is determining the best deployment method.

Discoveries flow into the design process, where we make detailed plans for the system. The specifics will vary based on deployment method, and include connections to your infrastructure, revised processes and new technologies. With the design in place, our implementation team makes it all work. Again, the specifics vary by deployment methods and range from process implementation to technology configuration and training. Post implementation we are there to support and assist with optimization.

Measurable improvement

Our solutions provide measurable improvement. During design we establish specific improvement goals based on measured performance before and after implementation. We are not done until that improvement is achieved.

Contact center functionality

Altivon contact center solutions feature a rich set of capabilities.

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