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All-in-One Contact Center

One platform, myriad capabilities

Simple is better. Core contact center functionality available on one platform is more efficient for everyone. Think Microsoft Office. Adding specialty capability to that platform makes it even better.

Complete business solutions

Technology is important. Making that technology work for you is critical. Altivon solutions begin with a deep dive discovery process where our consultants help document your current environment, processes, staffing and objectives. We share best practices and make recommendations.

When you are ready to proceed, the Altivon design team works out the details of new processes, integrating new technology into your operations and bringing your staff up to speed. We are there with you during implementation, rollout, training and production.

Forget the silos

If your existing technology was best-of-breed put together over time chances are it is difficult to efficiently manage, upgrade, update, or change. Altivon solutions bring all the contact center functionality together on one software platform. The resulting solution offers an all-in-one experience that supports:

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