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Real-Time Quality Management

Ensure great customer experiences

Not all interactions go smoothly. Real-time quality management solutions identify potential problems so you can intervene before the customer escalates.

Proactive solution

Speech analytics software enables a more pro-active approach to problem solving in the contact center. Software identifies key phrases spoken by either the agent or the caller. Based on these phrases, the software takes action, providing a special script, for example, or bringing a supervisor into the call. This proactive approach improves the customer experience.

Real-time quality management systems are built on a solid foundation, providing key contact center capabilities. Our solutions always begin with discovery. We work with your team to fully understand your needs and objectives.

Our consultants design a solution that fits your infrastructure and delivers the specific functionality you want. We are there with you throughout the implementation rollout. We will be there to support you and optimize your solution as needs evolve.

Measurable improvement

Our solutions provide measurable improvement. During design we establish specific improvement goals based on measured performance before and after implementation. We are not done until that improvement is achieved.

Contact center functionality

A typical real-time quality management solution incorporates a wide variety of contact center functionality:

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