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Consistent operational excellence

New technologies and best practices enable contact centers to improve their effectiveness and efficiency.

Foundation technologies

The first step in delivering great customer experiences is establishing an excellent operation. Foundation technologies enable pooled resources, skills-based call handling, reliable scheduling, monitoring and more. Advanced technologies add speech analytics, agent-less outbound calling, callbacks and mobile applications. Altivon helps you navigate the options and design a contact center solution that meets your needs.

We have helped our customers:

  • Reduce administrative overhead by designing a solution with a single system-wide view for administration, reporting and management
  • Improve overall efficiency by creating a virtual pool of agents accessible to all customers
  • Increase schedule efficiency and reduce facility overhead through work-at-home agents

Holistic solution

Every contact center has its own unique combination of technologies, objectives and challenges. We work with you to identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement and then deliver the solution that you need.

Enhancing contact center effectiveness sets the stage for Elevating the Customer Experience.