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BC Strategies Podcast: Why Contact Center Success Depends on More than Technology

May 31, 2020

Our Chief Customer Officer Frank Tersigni recently visited with Jim Burton on the BC Strategies podcast. The conversation was wide ranging and well worth the listen. Here are some top level thoughts to come out of that podcast. Listen to the full podcast here.


Success Depends on More than Technology

The true value of cloud-based computing goes way beyond deployment speed and expense budgets. If you harness the full potential, your contact center solution will soar. Yet, too often the promises from cloud contact center vendors around DIY, rapid setup and remote discovery and deployment do not deliver the unique customer experience that organizations need. The experience and expertise available through your system integration partner can ensure that your solution reaches its full potential initially and over the long term.

Innovation on Demand has Unparalleled Value

Cloud architectures provide agility and ingenuity. They give instant access to new functionality, when and if you need it. Cloud contact centers flex to meet customer demand. They instantly support work from home, self-service, agile scheduling, and distance learning. This ability to consume innovation as needed dramatically shortens time to value. Dealing with this degree and rate of innovation while running your business often requires guidance, experience and expertise. This is where a contact center systems integration partner can deliver the greatest value. Make sure your solution is designed for optimal results for your specific business.

Hyper Personalization Drives Better Customer Experience

There are obvious applications of artificial intelligence (AI) as a tool for self-service through chat bots and voice bots, but that’s only the beginning. AI is a fundamental enabling technology that can be applied whenever a decision is needed. This leads to an experience that is personalized to each customer in the moment when they are interacting. AI and machine learning make that a reality. That’s Experience-as-a-Service. Rocket power your solution by customizing beyond simple migration and unlock the full potential of AI for your customer experience.

Predictive Engagement Leads to Better Outcomes

Analytics can do so much more than historical reporting. When applied in the moment, analytics can predict the outcome of an interaction. This predictive engagement gives customers an enhanced experience by presenting highly relevant offers. It can also avert bad experiences by interceding with human assistance as needed. Like AI, analytics requires incredible computing power, now available in the cloud. Anticipate new opportunities for your business by optimizing trend data and situational analysis.

Agent Engagement Pays Off in Customer Loyalty

Agent experience is as important as customer experience. Informed, motivated agents can reliably deliver exceptional experience to every customer, every time. Focus them by assigning work that optimizes their skills. More attention on the agent side of the equation pays off in customer loyalty. Take your agent experience to new heights with a solution tailored to engage your agents.

The Sky is the Limit

Cloud contact center solutions promise huge opportunity to transform customer experience and business results by making both innovation and computing power available as needed. The challenge is to take full advantage of cloud capabilities and their continuous evolution. Altivon has more than 30 years of experience in helping companies leverage technology to deliver the best customer experience from their contact center solutions. Altivon is a Genesys Gold Partner.