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CX Strategies

Contact centers everywhere are concerned about how to improve customer experience and increase operational efficiency. A common misconception is that the contact center has to deliver ‘delightful’ interactions and ‘wow’ customers. While there is a place for such over-the-top experiences, research shows there are better ways to achieve the twin objectives of improved experience and efficiency.

Here is a brief set of strategies that help contact center leaders deliver effortless customer experiences while improving the operation’s bottom line.

Effortless Customer Experience

Companies that consistently deliver a great customer experience (CX) have realized measurable business benefits far beyond improving customer loyalty and profit. Companies focusing on end-to-end customer journeys across multiple touchpoints and channels can build significant competitive advantage, reduce customer churn and differentiate their brand from competitors.

Personalized Service

Empower customers to self-serve by streamlining automated interactions and offering broader channels. Give customers the choice to solve their own problems and they will if you give them the proper tools to do so.

Call Center Modernization

Sometimes legacy technology limits the options available to contact center leaders striving to improve customer experience. Modernizing can provide greater flexibility and broader channel support. Technology refresh does not always mean technology replacement. Integration of legacy ACDs with newer technology for example can bring many benefits.

Continuous Workforce Optimization

Features highly accurate speech analytics, text analytics and employee performance analytics for every customer interaction.

Proactive Communications

Offers significant cost savings through the deflection of costly inbound calls to the contact center. Proactive Communications anticipate and proactively address customer needs and issues via less costly automated communications channels. Plus, proactively communicating with customers with personalized, relevant messages over their preferred communications channel strengthens relationships, increases loyalty, and ultimate drives revenue.

Application Design

Revise your routing strategies and workflows to support specific cross channel conversation management use cases. Usual tools generate functional objects, using customer profiles and interaction history.


Simplify call center administration and management to help your organization more efficiently deploy capabilities, provision resources and monitor applications. Configure and deploy contact center technologies across local and remote offices from a central location. Creating a standard configuration for multi-site deployment helps to eliminate errors, minimizing the time and resources required to bring a complete solution online.

SIP Communications

SIP offers best-in-class Contact Center functionality, including voice, video and other web-based channels. Simplify your Contact Center infrastructure, enhance first-call resolution through front office and back office integration, improve workflow productivity and customer satisfaction.

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