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Digital Transformation

The contact center is in the midst of dramatic change—moving from a phone-based operation to one with multiple channels, real-time insights and optimized operations. Contact centers are re-tooling to deliver highly personalized service.

These resources are designed to help you distinguish hype from helpful, and continue your journey to digital transformation.

Contact Center Ropes

Altivon Fostering the Optimal Customer Experience

Altivon was recently named a Top 20 Customer Experience Solution Provider for 2016 and was featured in the September 2016 issue of CIOReview. Senior Altivon executives shared their perspective on how contact centers are using the latest technology to foster the optimal customer experience. Altivon customers get top-notch solutions based on industry-leading platforms (Genesys and Interactive Intelligence), designed to meet their exacting requirements. One on the hallmarks of the company is its emphasis on investing the time to truly understand and meet customer needs. Altivon builds long-lasting partnerships with its customers. [more…]

Cloud Versus Premise: A Decision Framework for Contact Center Technology

Contact centers have more choice than ever before. The choices can seem simple, but have far-reaching consequences. A decision framework can help you make the right decision for your organization. In contact centers, choosing between cloud and premise can be confounding for many reasons. Fortunately, the same fundamental decision framework for contact center technology can be used to both identify system requirements and review proposals. The framework begins with nine fundamental decisions that will lead to the best solution for you. We use this framework with every client.

Healthcare Series

Part 1: Re-Tool the Contact Center for Better Patient Experience

Tune in for an exciting look at how both patient experience and the bottom line benefit from next generation contact center technology.

Industry expert and long-time independent consultant Steve Leaden will lead a discussion of how patients and healthcare organizations can benefit from a fresh look at contact center optimization. This is the first of a three-part webinar series that will address many of the issues you are facing in the new world of patient experience.

Part 2: Optimize, Centralize, Economize Contact Center Patient Experience
Join us as we continue our healthcare series. In this web event, we focus on ways to make contact centers more efficient and future leaning.

Industry expert and long-time independent consultant Steve Leaden will describe how healthcare organizations are using proactive outbound dialing for reminders, virtualizing for truly mobile communications and promoting video for pre-op and post-op.