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Idaho Power Rated #1 in Energy Industry Benchmark of Contact Center IVR Systems

July 27, 2020

Idaho Power took top honors in the 16th Annual Energy Utility Benchmark Report on Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, released July 1, 2020 by IVR Doctors. The 2020 Report compares 100 energy utility automated telephone systems in the U.S. and Canada.

The report identifies automated telephone systems that successfully balance company objectives and customer preferences in three key rating categories: functionality, usability, and aesthetics. IVR Doctors considers these the major drivers of customer satisfaction and system utilization.

Top Honors for Balance of Company Objectives and Customer Preferences

Altivon has been working with Idaho Power now for many years and we are thrilled to see their emphasis on understanding their customers and improving the customer experience. In a recent Energy Industry Roundtable, Paul Turner of Idaho Power shared how the company focused on their IVR quality over the past five years.

“After we started employing some of IVR Doctors’ best practices in 2018, we received the Gold Stethoscope award, placing fifth out of a hundred in their usability study,” said Turner. “You have to be in the top quartile in functionality, usability and aesthetics to receive the award. Each year there are only about 10 Utilities that meet that quality level. In 2019, we were fourth out of a hundred.”

According to IVR Doctors, their 2020 “Gold Stethoscope” recognition was awarded to winners in 12 categories. Idaho Power was recognized as:

  • Top Rated IVR System – Overall
  • Top U.S. Electric Company
  • Top “Press or Say” System
  • Tops in Usability

IVR Doctors has more than 30 years of market research, usability consulting, marketing, and call center management experience. They specialize in automated phone system diagnostics and optimization.

“Altivon is a big part of helping us with the technology and knowledge that makes this all possible,” said Turner. “Truly a heartfelt ‘Thank You!’ for all you have and continue to do to ensure Idaho Power’s success!”

Improving the Customer Experience

Idaho Power is an electric utility serving Southern Idaho and Eastern Oregon. Turner says they have about 2,000 employees serving 570,000 customers. They have a service territory spanning about 24,000 square miles—much of it rugged territory—and service about 1.5 million calls through their IVR. According to Turner, in a typical month the IVR deflects about 50 percent of the calls to self-service of one sort or another.

The contact center has approximately 120 agents, flexing up and down a little bit with times. The center has a service level goal of answering 80 percent of calls within 60 seconds and that is achieved most months. “We like the experience that gives our customer,” said Turner.

Altivon has been working with Idaho Power since 2010 as their Genesys contact center / Nuance IVR systems integrator and value-added partner when they deployed their system. Throughout these past 10 years, Altivon has assisted Idaho Power in its continuous effort to deliver the richest and lowest effort customer experience possible. Altivon is extremely proud to have contributed to Idaho Power’s achievement and greatly appreciates the long term partnership we have together.