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Create Exceptional Experiences for Lasting Relationships

Genesys powers more than 25 billion of the world’s best customer experiences each year and is the only company recognized by top industry analysts as a leader in both cloud and on-premise customer engagement solutions. The company has focused on customer engagement as a pure play for 25 years.

Genesys passionately believes that great customer engagement drives great business outcomes. More than 10,000 companies in over 100 countries trust the industry’s #1 customer experience platform to orchestrate seamless omnichannel customer journeys and build lasting relationships. Altivon is a Genesys Gold Partner.

Cloud and premise customer experience platforms

Altivon builds solutions on all Genesys cloud and premise platforms: PureCloud, PureConnect and PureEngage. These solutions fit into existing enterprise architecture, integrate with CRM systems, and reduce total cost of ownership. Solutions are configured to meet your requirements, scaling from a few hundred agents with core capabilities to unlimited agents with full capabilities for a large, omnichannel enterprise deployment.

Contact centers and the customer journey

Customers follow discrete disconnected journeys that cross departments and company touchpoints like the website, mobile app, social sphere and contact center. These journeys pause along the way and resume when the customer is ready.

These disconnect journeys can appear random and can be costly to support. They can also be inefficient and frustrating to customers. Altivon can help you map these journeys and design your customer touchpoints for optimal benefit to your customers and operation. Altivon solutions based on Genesys platforms help organizations create better experiences for customers throughout their journey.