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Deliver Next Generation Omnichannel Customer Experience

Customers want choice. PureEngage enables contact centers to provide great customer experience through every channel: voice, chat, social, email, video, web and more. Whether on-premise or in the cloud, PureEngage is the right choice for next generation contact centers.

PureEngage for large, complex contact centers

PureEngage is uniquely suited to the needs of large contact centers.

  • Available in cloud, premise or hybrid configurations
  • Supports real-time contextual customer journeys
  • Delivers world-class intelligent routing
  • Enables transition from self service to assisted service
  • Customizable through open APIs and web standards

PureEngage is powered by Genesys Enterprise edition.

Visibility to all customer interactions through analytics

  • Monitor use and experience
  • Transition from self service to assisted service
  • Journey reporting

Support hyper-personalized routing

  • All interactions are managed through one queue
  • Contextual data is gathered throughout the customer journey
  • Best resource is delivered at every step

Enable proactive customer engagement

  • Communications are delivered on each customer’s preferred channel
  • Customer has a low effort, streamlined experience

Improve workforce management

  • Balance workloads and maximize skills
  • Measure and manage performance across channels
  • Single desktop provides real-time insights to agents

Integrate and customize with Open APIs

  • Integrates with business systems including CRM, ERP and others
  • Enables customization

Unlimited availability and scalability

  • Respond quickly to growth
  • Scale up and down to align with the workload
  • Maintain high availability and reliability

PureEngage delivers next generation customer experience

Using PureEngage, contact centers can gain great insight into individual customer intent, history and preferences. These insights are then used to anticipate the next action and create a more effortless experience. High availability and scalability are ensured by using Amazon Web Services (AWS) for both cloud and hybrid configurations. Interactions are optimized and customers receive a differentiated, personalized experience.