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Connect with complementary tools

Integrate with key systems like CRM that are essential for a great customer experience

Consider your current environment and your future needs. The ability to easily integrate with complementary tools, such as your CRM system, is essential for managing the customer journey.

CRM & HR integration

Integrate with your CRM and HR systems — like Salesforce, ZenDesk and Oracle— to drive screen pops, personalize self-service, and feed data back based on the interaction.

WFM integration

Integrate with third party workforce management systems with bi- directional data feeds. This API that provides automated synchronization of the two, eliminating the need for redundant data management, resulting in improved system performance and happier IT personnel.

Voice systems

Integrate third party IVR and speech recognition applications. If you’re not ready to transition away from your existing voice system, you can integrate advanced contact center features with your existing IVR.

Knowledge management

Consolidate knowledge that’s scattered throughout your organization in a single searchable repository. Now, your customers can help themselves; but if they do reach out, your agents are also equipped to provide better, quicker assistance. Leverage machine learning to constantly improve and deliver search relevancy.

Business communications

Consolidate multiple systems to a single, reliable platform for both contact center and business users. With a unified platform, enterprises can seamlessly connect with customers, partners and teams anywhere. Enjoy fast deployment, simplified administration, improved efficiency and reduced total cost of ownership.

Pre-built integrations

Connect with partners whose specialities include compliance, industry- specific tools, gamification and more. These pre-integrated solutions can easily be added to your tech stack.