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Self Service

Help your customers help themselves

Make it easy for your customers to solve their own problems and they will.

Clear and simple self-service options empower customers to get the information they need, when they need it. In fact, 70% of customers now expect companies to offer some self-service options. Customers want choice. They want to choose how to interact with you, and often they prefer to solve their problem themselves.

IVR systems, voicebots and chatbots are the typical technologies deployed for self-service. IVR can be used to complete transactions, or obtain account information and to navigate to the right agent for the problem at hand. If an agent is required, the information gathered by interactive IVR should be readily available through CTI. Personalization in IVR and web content is a powerful way to improve the experience for the user and increase the odds that self-service is sufficient. In IVR, the menus become customized to the caller.  Through voicebots and chatbots, you can complete common transactions and provide background when an agent is required.

Implementing effective self-service systems can be daunting. Altivon has a proven methodology for developing ‘call trees’ and determining integration points for key systems. Our client services team has deep experience in assisting customers in defining and building their self-service applications, using leading technologies and following best practices.

Call IVR

Prompt callers to self-direct through your main menu and call tree with or without speech recognition. Authenticate customers within your IVR. Deliver a great experience and increase self service adoption by helping customers navigate the IVR quickly. Tailor messages, menus and treatments based on who the customer is and why they are calling, while also taking capacity into account.

Visual IVR

Give mobile customers a visual way to complete or complement a voice interaction from their mobile device. This enables users to process information faster and more easily complete their task. Plus users can transfer to a live agent if necessary, passing context to the agent.


Deliver more natural self-service voice experiences using the power of AI— with a seamless handover to an agent when needed. You can also increase operational efficiencies by leveraging natural language processing and the power of predictive routing to orchestrate more effective customer journeys.


Amplify web and mobile self-service applications with chatbots and the power of AI connected to the agent experience for when it matters most. Support continuous, personalized conversations with integrated agent assistance and persistent history of contact, bringing new levels of scalability, consistency, and responsiveness to messaging interaction strategies.

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