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Customer Experience Monitoring

Ensure smooth operations

Customer experience depends on reliable performance of voice response and telephone systems. Active monitoring and testing identifies potential issues during normal operations and following upgrades.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and telephone systems play a vital role in supporting customer contact centers. These systems require regular changes to ensure that they are up-to-date, accurate and reliable. Thorough testing and real-time monitoring of these systems is critical for good customer experience.

Customer experience monitoring automates functional and load testing of your applications and monitors your production systems, notifying you of customer experience problems in real-time. Now you can automatically cover all testing requirements, avoid incorrect prompts and business logic, and discover slower than expected system responses, dropped calls, and outages before your customers get frustrated and clog up your call center.

  • Speech & touchtone applications: Test teams are able to test applications built upon DTMF and speech-based technologies and interact with the application from a customer experience perspective.
  • Health monitoring: Monitoring and alert features provide a pre-determined schedule of automated test calls to ensure the necessary performance and availability targets are met, along with real-time detection and notification of problems.
  • Rapid implementation and return on investment: Automated monitoring, regression and load-testing can be run unattended, often reducing test cycles by 80% or more, and freeing up developers and testers to concentrate on other activities.

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