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Customer Stories

Claims Examiner Voicemail Management

Matrix Absence Management (Matrix) has improved their claims examiner voicemail management practices through a combination of new technology and process improvement. Matrix handles all details related to employee absence claims for its customers. Claims examiners may handle scores of claims at a time and may receive dozens of voicemails per day. Responding to these calls and tracking their disposition is important to maintaining customer satisfaction throughout the process.

The new voicemail management capability is part of a contact center and IP telephony upgrade. Altivon was instrumental in the design and implementation of the solution based on the Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center® (CIC). The solution ties together six regional offices into a single virtualized contact center for better customer experience and operational efficiency.

In early 2013 Matrix asked Altivon to conduct an optimization workshop to identify opportunities to further leverage CIC. Claims examiner voicemail was a key issue highlighted in this forum. Altivon solution design consultants worked with claims examiners to document the current workflow and recommended adding Interaction Process Automation functionality to CIC. The solution architected by Altivon enables Matrix claims examiners to manage voicemail as work items in a queue and gives managers better visibility into workload and performance.

Claims examiners can now track activity and progress related to each call. Critical client messages are not overlooked or misplaced. Work is more organized. Managers are able to better quantify work volume, track examiner responsiveness and investigate call disposition. Claimants get their calls returned in a more timely manner.

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