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Healthcare Patient Experience Webinar Series

Part 1: Re-Tool the contact center for better patient experience

Take an exciting look at how both patient experience and the bottom line benefit from next generation contact center technology.Industry expert and long-time independent consultant Steve Leaden will lead a discussion of how patients and healthcare organizations can benefit from a fresh look at contact center optimization. This is the first of a three-part webinar series that will address many of the issues you are facing in the new world of patient experience.

The webinar will answer:

  • Why should patients be considered customers?
  • What can contact centers do to help patients remain outpatients and avoid admission?
  • How can re-tooled reminders and pre-op/post-op interactions reduce readmission?
  • Where does EPIC fit into contact center re-tooling?

Part 2: Optimize, centralize, economize contact center patient experience

We continue our healthcare series with a focus on ways to make contact centers more efficient and future leaning. Industry expert and long-time independent consultant Steve Leaden will describe how healthcare organizations are using proactive outbound dialing for reminders, virtualizing for truly mobile communications and promoting video for pre-op and post-op.

The session will include a detailed healthcare case study.

The webinar will answer:

  • What is the payback for proactive outbound calling?
  • How do doctors, nurses and patients all benefit from virtualization
  • Why does the cultural impact of centralization matter?
  • When will telehealth be  a ‘must have’ for contact centers?
  • How did the case study organization prioritize and implement change?

Part 3: ROI for Contact Center Patient Experience Focus

Get an in-depth look at the payback for investment in contact center solutions in healthcare. ROI is compelling: lower operational costs, lower appointment cancellations, higher scheduling rates and higher patient experience scores.
Industry expert and long-time independent consultant Steve Leaden will discuss contact center ROI analysis, technology choices and best practices.

The webinar will answer:

  • What metrics are used for calculating ROI?
  • Why is ROI important, even critical, towards Contact Center project approvals?
  • How does quality feedback and monitoring improve ROI?
  • Where are callbacks most effective in patient care centers?
  • How can tools such as appointment reminders improve patient revenue?
  • Is there a difference between the payback for cloud vs premise and hybrid solutions?