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eBooks and Whitepapers

Improve customer satisfaction, sales, and workforce engagement with Genesys AI

Not all cloud contact center vendors can deliver true omnichannel service

Analyzing and shaping customer journeys

Twelve signs you’re ready to upgrade to a cloud contact center

Genesys prescriptive migration with proven ROI

Move to the cloud with confidence

Essential checklist for Genesys on-premise customers moving to the cloud

Ten considerations for moving your contact center to the cloud

AI-powered automation: Essential tips for using voicebots and chatbots

Succeeding at Customer Engagement

Providing exceptional customer service grows more complex every day. This ebook shares stories from companies that are successfully navigating this new world of digital disruption. Each has been recognized for providing superior customer service. And each shares its best practices, technology strategies, and intimate anecdotal moments that highlight “game changers” in customer engagement. Learn how to transform your business into a customer engagement powerhouse. [more…]

Altivon Fostering the Optimal Customer Experience

Altivon was recently named a Top 20 Customer Experience Solution Provider for 2016 and was featured in the September 2016 issue of CIOReview. Senior Altivon executives shared their perspective on how contact centers are using the latest technology to foster the optimal customer experience. Altivon customers get top-notch solutions based on industry-leading platforms (Genesys and Interactive Intelligence), designed to meet their exacting requirements. One on the hallmarks of the company is its emphasis on investing the time to truly understand and meet customer needs. Altivon builds long-lasting partnerships with its customers. [more…]

5 Tech Trends Redefining the Customer Experience

This quick e-book describes five key technology trends that are impacting the contact center and customer experience. These are: multimodal, IOT, Data Science, Bots and Microservices. Read all about it in this e-book. [more…]

Are You Headed Toward a Perfect Storm?

Empowered customers with increasing demands, expanding access channels and diverse preferences for communication are all converging upon contact centers that are unprepared to meet the demands of a new era. The good news is that companies are investing in upgrading technology and infrastructure. The bad news is corporate leaders are not addressing the growing gap between emerging technologies and the contact center’s capacity to meet the challenges in supporting complex new communication channels. [more…]

Engage with Customers in an Ultra-connected Era

Customers are demanding a seamless experience regardless of how they choose to contact you. According to Dimension Data, 43% of customer service requests currently come through social media. Is your business mobile? Is it social? [more…]

Essential Steps to Creating Great Customer Experiences

In an age of accelerated information flows, traditional sources of differentiation such as price and product differentiation erode rapidly, leaving customer service as the last sustainable source of competitive advantage. This challenges customer-facing departments to step up their game. For decades, customer centers have focused on providing an acceptable level of service by emphasizing efficiency and internal operational metrics. While this approach has long provided a sound foundation for meeting customer needs, the leap from good to great requires a different journey. In this paper we pose and respond to a series of questions to guide you through this journey. [more…]

Omnichannel is No Longer Optional

Leading customer engagement solutions in the contact center industry allow you to seamlessly blend all customer communications channel data – including voice and digital – using consistent routing rules, unified reporting, and real-time visibility into omnichannel performance. [more…]