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Solution Assessment

Service Description

This assessment from Altivon is an evaluation and business case analysis that looks at a specific solution within the contact center to gain a preliminary understanding of key business and operational challenges that impact desired outcomes.


Altivon will provide a high-level strategic plan with tactical, executable recommendations. The evaluation and business case analysis will be delivered to the team as a presentation to all key stakeholders as well as a formatted report that will serve as the executable framework.

Altivon Resources

Altivon consulting experts have anywhere from 12-25 years of experience in the contact center industry, each with a strong focus on the customer experience and management of sales and service organizations.

Customer Resources Required

In order to create the most comprehensive and successful strategic roadmap, customers should provide access to the following resources: executive sponsor, business liaison, strategic leadership team, call center senior management, frontline management, agents, workforce/QA teams, reporting analysts, and IT.


Altivon will be onsite with customer for approximately 2-3 days to gather all of the necessary information to then finalize all recommendations that will then be presented to the key stakeholders. The total time required to complete from start to finish the Solution Assessment is 3-4 weeks.

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