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Implementation Services

Building the solution

On time, on budget and on spec. These are the measures of a proper implementation.

Efficient contact center implementation

The Altivon implementation team sets the solution design in motion. They implement call flows, technology, software and functionality defined in the system and user specifications.

Infrastructure readiness

The implementation team develops a detailed workbook providing the exact infrastructure requirements to ensure that your IT team are prepared for deployment. This detail is provided whether your solution is implemented in a physical, virtualized, private cloud, or cloud infrastructure.

Network preparation

The Altivon team performs a VOIP readiness assessment to ensure that networks are appropriately sized and configured. This assessment covers requirements for both voice traffic and business continuity for geographically distributed operations. Both the public Telco carrier (TDM or SIP) and internal LAN/WAN are evaluated.

Deployment and configuration

The implementation team takes care of all software deployment and configuration. This includes setup of all networks, users, workgroups, applications, call flows, recording rules (call and screen), workforce management data capture, real time dashboards, historical reports and more.


The Altivon team includes developers to build integrations for self-service (both speech and DTMF based), CTI screen pops, outbound dialing, custom reports and more.

Test, test and test again

Altivon always recommends a higher than industry standard number of hours dedicated to testing. This testing is performed at three levels: unit, system and user acceptance.

Testing is a separate function, performed independently from development and configuration. This division of responsibility ensures a higher level of objectivity and quality control.

Where possible, user acceptance tests are designed in conjunction with your team and incorporate use cases specific to your environment.

Proper documentation

Altivon sets a very high standard for detailed as-built documentation. This attention to detail ensures a smooth transition to support after cutover. Accurate and detailed documents will be invaluable to you in everyday system management.

Customer care involvement

Because solid relationships between our team and yours is important for ongoing success, our customer care team is involved in user acceptance testing. This aids in a quick ramp up for the support team and complete knowledge transfer.