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Where technology meets expertise

Together, leading-edge technology, experience and expertise make for a winning combination. Altivon delivers all three.

Our services

Altivon offers a range of services designed to assist throughout the contact center life cycle and in business process automation. These services are grouped into five categories, contributing directly to improved customer experience.

  • Consulting Services. These services assist in the understanding of existing technology, processes and people within each customer and the objectives for the new system.
  • Solution Design. Our consultants work with your team to design the specific solution required to solve your business needs.
  • Implementation Services. Every infrastructure and operational detail is coordinated and implemented according to the solution design to ensure a successful deployment of new technology and processes.
  • Optimization. These services help keep your system evergreen and ensures that it will constantly evolve.

Our team

Our project teams consist of best in class project managers, solution architects, application consultants, implementation engineers, software developers, quality engineers and trainers. These individuals are certified on key technologies are expert in their deployment. Our team members are experienced with large, multi-site, multi-function, large agent pool projects. At Altivon, we understand the additional complexities involved and professional discipline required to make these projects a success.

Our Partners

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Your reward

Altivon focuses on contact center and business process automation solutions. This focus has enabled us to build decades of experience and expertise that pays big dividends for our customers. Our solutions are designed to solve your specific problems, meet your unique objectives and evolve over the coming years. This is what sets Altivon apart and will provide a rich reward to you.

from our customers

Altivon is expert at implementing Interactive Intelligence solutions, integrating with existing technology and has consistently demonstrated its commitment to achieving long-term customer satisfaction and maximum return on investment for its customers.