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Optimization Services

Constantly evolving

Customer facing strategies and initiatives are not static. Solutions must evolve to stay relevant.

Staying ahead of the curve

Altivon provides a range of optimization services to help you keep up with what’s new, incorporate new technologies and adopt best practices. These services leverage your initial and ongoing investments.

Strategic roadmap refresh

As your environment and business needs evolve, Altivon consultants are available to work with you to update your strategic roadmap. Common changes in strategy include new interaction styles that must be supported (such as social media and mobility) and new corporate initiatives.

Solution assessment refresh

New technologies and best practices may offer benefit to your organization. Altivon consultants can present these new developments in the context of your environments and business objectives.

Process optimization

Once your contact center solutions is in production, there may be some ways to improve efficiency through training, new technology or process change. Altivon consultants can work with you to identify opportunities and address them.

User Communities

Connect with your peers around a common topic (‘birds of a feather’) in order to learn how others are continuing to improve their operations and approaches to similar challenges.

User Group Meetings

Join us at the annual Interactive Intelligence Interactions conference for private sessions to learn more about new Altivon programs and offerings and meet other Altivon customers.