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Solution Design

Planning for success

Good design drives success. It is fundamental to achieving strategic and operational objectives.

Solution design as roadmap

During the design phase, an Altivon Solution Architect works with your stakeholders to fully document system requirements and objectives. The Solution Architect will also share best practices and lessons learned from years of experience in contact center design.

An Altivon Project Manager coordinates with the Solution Architect to ensure a smooth transition from the sales process to implementation. The output of the solution design is a detailed solution design, including processes and technology.

Thoughtful design approach

You are expert on your operation and objectives. We are expert in designing contact center solutions. Together we ensure that your solution delivers what you really need. Our Solution Architects conduct in-depth interviews to ensure that unspoken needs are discovered. Our role is advisory, providing guidance based on our years of industry experience, process knowledge and technical expertise. The resulting design provides a better roadmap to success.

Formalized processes

Detailed documentation and formalized knowledge transfer are keys to solution design. Everything we learn throughout our relationship is documented. Your objectives, success metrics, key functional elements, pain points and problems are all captured and updated beginning with first contact. Project details are also carefully managed–timelines, key stakeholders, technical architecture and identified risks.

Capabilities sessions

Your project team will probably have members that were not part of vendor selection and solution concept. Altivon capabilities sessions bring the team up to speed on product and architecture. These sessions include demonstrations and ensure that everyone becomes aware of the opportunities available to them. This approach dramatically improves engagement, increases solution fit to your environment, and reduces surprises during testing and initial production phases.

Success metrics

A key element of the design phase is the identification of success criteria. A customer benefit assessment captures these criteria and ensures metrics are in place to compare before and after performance.

Reporting and analysis

Years of experience has taught us to invest time understanding reporting requirements early in the design process. This avoids last-minute customization and post-cutover blind spots.

Efficient execution

Much of the design process proceeds in a parallel manner to optimize work effort and engage team members. Discussions on infrastructure and major functional areas such as self-service, queuing, quality management, workforce management and outbound dialing are conducted in overlapping sessions. The Project Manager and Solution Architect later consolidate key findings into the solution design.