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Business Process Automation

Streamlined processes for better customer experience

Processes make organizations tick. Often they intersect with customers. Well-oiled processes are imperative for good customer experience.

Processes and the contact center

Contact centers need current information to provide good service. That requires processes such as claims processing and billing to be streamlined and efficient. Business process automation can provide dramatic improvement by shortening inefficient processes, creating approval hierarchies, and generally automating processes that are otherwise manual or outdated. Process automation has the potential for an enormous return on investment as back office processes become more efficient and the customer experience improves.

Business process automation solutions

Business process automation solutions streamline even the most complex processes, keeping track of work, progress, people, skills, qualifications, availability, and resources. Work is automatically prioritized and routed to the best qualified and available worker for timely completion, regardless of the person’s location.

Altivon solutions begin with discovery. Our team meets with yours to review your problems and processes and identify opportunities for improvement. We share best practices and insights on how processes affect the contact center.

Following discovery, our design team creates a detailed solution recommendation, including new processes, technology and integration with your existing infrastructure. The implementation team executes against that plan, and assists in its rollout. After completion, the support team takes over to ensure any issues that arise are quickly handled.

Measurable improvement

Our solutions provide measurable improvement. During design we establish specific improvement goals based on measured performance before and after implementation. We are not done until that improvement is achieved.

Contact center functionality

Business process automation solutions can also include a rich set of contact center functionality, including:

  • Self-Service
    • Call IVR and Visual IVR
    • Voicebots and Chatbots
  • Digital Channels
    • Web chat, email and messaging
    • Social Media
    • Co-browse
    • Proactive web engagement
  • Inbound Communications
    • Queue-based call routing
    • AI-driven call routing
    • Agent desktop screen-pop
    • Automated customer callback
    • Video call
  • Outbound Communications
    • Dialing (Progressive, Predictive and Preview)
    • Automated customer callback
    • SMS notifications and push notifications for mobile
    • Outbound using email
  • Workforce Management
    • Forecasting & scheduling
    • Long term planning & budgeting
    • Recording and surveys
    • Quality and compliance management
    • Outsourcer management
    • Interaction analytics
    • Training
    • Agent assistance
  • Integrations
    • CRM & HR integration
    • WFM integration
    • Voice systems
    • Knowledge management
    • Business communications
    • Pre-built integrations
  • Insights
    • Omnichannel Reporting
    • KPI Insights
    • Journey Tracking

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