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Mobile Customer Experience

It is all about the interaction

Mobile devices are changing the face of customer service. Mobile users want the fastest path to answer, and will use multiple channels to get there.

Omni-channel interactions

Smartphones and tablets finally give customers a way to do everything from one device. They can research, browse, socialize, learn, correspond, collaborate and talk using them. This reality has changed social interaction and it is changing the contact center.

Mobile device users expect to use all the tools available to them to get an answer. This could be as simple as determining your business hours, finding a Father’s Day gift or inquiring on order status. It could be as complicated as figuring out how to repair an appliance, why the electric bill is higher than normal or if there is a better TV subscription plan.

Mobile users generally try to solve their own problems. If that doesn’t work, they call the contact center. By that point, there is a rich history of what has already been reviewed and tried. Those centers that take advantage of this history provide the best customer experience.

Mobile solutions

The demand for omni-channel support is not unique to mobile users but they are the ones who are tipping the scales. All customers would prefer that interactions flow seamlessly from one channel to the next.

When defining the best solution for mobile customer experience, Altivon starts at the very beginning. Our discovery process reviews your current environment, including people, process and technology. We work with you to create a roadmap to guide you toward creating a great mobile customer experience.

Our design team builds a specific plan based on the early discovery work. This plan is then executed by our implementation team. The mobile element may involve other departments, plus app development or other integrations to meet your needs. Our support team steps in after implementation to ensure smooth continuing operations. You can also call upon us to provide optimization assistance at any time.

Measurable improvement

Our solutions provide measurable improvement. During design we establish specific improvement goals based on measured performance before and after implementation. We are not done until that improvement is achieved.

Contact center functionality

Mobile contact center solutions may focus specifically on integrating mobility into your environment. It may also include additional contact center functionality, including:

  • Self-Service
    • Call IVR and Visual IVR
    • Voicebots and Chatbots
  • Digital Channels
    • Web chat, email and messaging
    • Social Media
    • Co-browse
    • Proactive web engagement
  • Inbound Communications
    • Queue-based call routing
    • AI-driven call routing
    • Agent desktop screen-pop
    • Automated customer callback
    • Video call
  • Outbound Communications
    • Dialing (Progressive, Predictive and Preview)
    • Automated customer callback
    • SMS notifications and push notifications for mobile
    • Outbound using email
  • Workforce Management
    • Forecasting & scheduling
    • Long term planning & budgeting
    • Recording and surveys
    • Quality and compliance management
    • Outsourcer management
    • Interaction analytics
    • Training
    • Agent assistance
  • Integrations
    • CRM & HR integration
    • WFM integration
    • Voice systems
    • Knowledge management
    • Business communications
    • Pre-built integrations
  • Insights
    • Omnichannel Reporting
    • KPI Insights
    • Journey Tracking

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