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SpeechStorm is now part of Genesys!

Get access to a catalog of more than 80 self-service voice and visual IVR applications that leverage industry best practices! Using these applications, companies are in a better position to help their customers connect to the right information and resources to resolve their inquiries through a personalized experience whenever they need to and on the devices they choose.

Intelligent call flow handling

SpeechStormNewLogoSpeechStorm’s unique Personalisation Platform enables companies with large contact centers to deliver improved customer experience to their customers on the phone, on mobile devices and on the web. Companies using the SpeechStorm platform include some of the best-known names in telecoms, retail and financial services in the UK, Continental Europe and North America, for which its software handles over 100 million customer calls every year.

Intelligent IVR

Altivon partners with SpeechStorm to offer its customers enhanced call flow handling. There are many joys to working and managing a contact center, but being swamped with calls unhappy customers, frustrated by long wait times and confusing IVR menus are not among them.

With SpeechStorm it’s different. Dynamic and personalized call flows improve routing, getting the most important calls directly to the agents best qualified to handle them. SpeechStorm also provides automated identification & verification to save you time on every call and customer surveys so you can find out how well your agents are performing. SpeechStorm also offers mobile apps to enhance the customer experience before, during or after a call to the contact center.