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Contact center of the future…today

Customer experience drives success. Loyalty, retention, brand image are all affected by it. Those that stand out, win out.

Complete business solutions

Technology is a key component in contact center success. We leverage technology to its fullest potential by building it into a solution that best suits your particular need.

Altivon solutions begin with discovery. We listen to you. Understand your concerns and aspirations. Collaborate with you to define the roadmap. Together we document what works and what does not. This is a holistic process—one that considers people, process and technology.

We are there for the switchover and rollout. We are there to benchmark and plan for the future. We are there to support your successful operation.With a roadmap in hand, we design the solution, including the processes and rollout required for success. Next our implementation team puts the solution in place. We work with IT on network, server, and other infrastructure details. We work with contact center management to establish workflows and plan the training program.

Contact center focus

Altivon focuses exclusively on contact center solutions and business process automation. As a result, we have deep and wide experience in designing and deploying these solutions.

Every contact center has its own unique objectives, processes and existing technology. Each implementation has its unique focus. Some common themes include:

  • Cloud. Cloud is the big overarching trend across the entire spectrum of technology. Simply put, new cloud architectures enable rapid adoption of rapid innovation. With the cloud, businesses can consume functionality on an as-needed basis, shortening time to value. We think that is a trend to stay.
  • All-in-one. All core functionality is provided in a single platform, improving administrative efficiency, easing user training and simplifying the addition of new licenses and functionality.
  • Virtual. Contact centers with multiple physical locations are consolidated into a single virtual center. Customers have greater access to agents and the center is more efficient.
  • Business process automation. This is a great solution when back office operations such as claims processing have a strong impact on customer service. Processes are improved and agents have better, faster access to current status.
  • Real-time quality management. Speech analytics are now available to assist in monitoring interactions and interceding as needed. This is a tremendous advance for the customer experience.
  • Mobility. Smartphone users place a special demand on contact centers. These individuals use their devices to search, research, chat, email and talk to customer service. You need to provide them a seamless, efficient experience.

In addition, contact centers in the Utilities and Healthcare industries often have a common set of problems that need to be addressed.

Contact center functionality

Altivon contact center solutions feature a rich set of capabilities:

  • Self-Service
    • Call IVR and Visual IVR
    • Voicebots and Chatbots
  • Digital Channels
    • Web chat, email and messaging
    • Social Media
    • Co-browse
    • Proactive web engagement
  • Inbound Communications
    • Queue-based call routing
    • AI-driven call routing
    • Agent desktop screen-pop
    • Automated customer callback
    • Video call
  • Outbound Communications
    • Dialing (Progressive, Predictive and Preview)
    • Automated customer callback
    • SMS notifications and push notifications for mobile
    • Outbound using email
  • Workforce Management
    • Forecasting & scheduling
    • Long term planning & budgeting
    • Recording and surveys
    • Quality and compliance management
    • Outsourcer management
    • Interaction analytics
    • Training
    • Agent assistance
  • Integrations
    • CRM & HR integration
    • WFM integration
    • Voice systems
    • Knowledge management
    • Business communications
    • Pre-built integrations
  • Insights
    • Omnichannel Reporting
    • KPI Insights
    • Journey Tracking

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